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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Sharing The Planet

Sharing the planet means, that we need to take a good care of our earth, and of course we need to have god responsibility. This is some good example of taking care of our earth, one plant many plants, second don't kill animals like elephant just because of the trunk. So we need to take a good responsibility to our earth, if we don't take a good care maybe in the future we will be living on mars!


arkan said...

Leo your words is so good and the sentence is so right and perfect.
Well done leo!

Learner said...

Your right Leo, we should have some responsibility. Not like some people in our class..

From, Atta

xlr8 said...

Nice work! You made good sentences.

Nick said...

Great work Leo! But I think you have to check your grammar next time.

Daniel's blog said...

I think your writing is good.