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Wednesday, 22 October 2008

10 Things From"The Famous Five" (In Chapter:9)

1. They found a box in the wreck.
2. They finally open the box, but the box is take by George's father.
3. They tryto take the box when George's father is sleeping, and they did it.
4. There is a diary and a map inside the box.
5. At the map there is a word below the map and it is"INGOTS".("INGOTS"means: a block of steel, gold, silver or the other metal.)
6. They now know where is the place INGOTS is, it is in somewhere in the castle.
7. But to be save they need to take a copy of the map.
8. Then they put the diary and the map in the box and put it on the wreck.
9. But they need to study more about the map to know more about inside the castle.
10. Then the next day is a very exciting day, because they will explore the castle and maybe they will find the INGOTS.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

The Famous Five

"The Famous Five" is about Georgina(But we must call her George, because she hate girls) and her cousin are going to an island and there is a mysterious castle. and guest what the castle and the island belongs the George. Then George promise to them that she will bring the cousins to the island. Then the next day theygo to the island, so they sail the boat to the island, on the way to the island they saw a boat inside the water, but they can't dive under the water because it is very danger. But when they are at the island the weather become's very bad, so they are stuck on the island. But when a storm come's there is the boat that they see when they are coming to the island.
And this is all that I read, I think this story is very long, but it is very intresting. I think you will like to read this story.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Welcome To My Blog

Hi!  My name is Leo and Welcome to my blog. In this blog I will put my school work.