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Monday, 16 February 2009

My English Reflection Journal

In English we made a descriptive writing about our Spore creatures. We must describe the creatures in which we can made a monster or other kind of creatures from a single cell. My Spore creature is called Beaky. Beaky is a very cool dancer, it can spin, dance disco, and do many other things. Beaky can be mad, happy, sad, and others. My Spore creature is very short, but kind of fat.
By the way,if we describe our creature we must learn about descriptive writing. This descriptive writing uses a technique we learn about metaphor. We can't put"like" in the metaphor. For example;The moon is a big silver medal.

The Learner Profile:
I think I am a thinker, because we must think very hard, so we can discover how to make a Spore creature.

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