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My Super Virtual Pet

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

My Super Hero

My super duper hero is a very famous pitcher in the whole MLB Major League Baseball, and his name is Chien Ming Wang. Chien Ming Wang is very famous because of his baseball skill, and also his attitudes. Actually not just me that say he is my super hero, almost every Taiwanese people (especially the baseball player) respected him very much.

Chien Ming Wang was born in March 31, 1980 Tainan, Taiwan. So that means his age are 29 now. Now his weight is 100kg, and his height is 190cm. Now Chien Ming Wang the best player in the whole Asia, because he ever break the most wins is the whole Asia and that is at 2006 when he get 20 wins and 6 loses. But last year when he was batting he someone hurt his feet, so he can’t pitch the whole year. Now his pitching skill was also getting bad, because of last years accident. But the whole Taiwan people believe that he can still become the best in the whole MLB.

I chose him as my idol because I wish when I grow up I could be like him playing with the player in New York Yankees, and I also wish to play baseball with him someday. So now I am trying get time to practice baseball so that I can also possibly to play with him in the team New York Yankees.


Road Runner said...

Cool. Now I know where do you get your inspiration. ^_^ hehehehehe....

Nick said...

Good hero. I'm sure that you are happy when you hear the news that he is the best baseball player in asia

Daniel's blog said...

Good Writing Leo

gaudi said...

Its so nice

arkan said...

Awesome Leonardo you have a huge amount of detail i like it. Keep the perfect work