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Thursday, 4 June 2009

My PYP Exhibition Reflection

First day: This morning I was very excited about my exhibition and my game, but I was very nervous about Daniel’s keynote presentation too. What I experienced was real, some parts of my exhibition were good and some were bad. I think that sometimes when I am on the stage, I need to be more of a risk taker, and more knowledgeable. We need to be risk takers because we need to be very brave to talk to the audience, and we need to be knowledgeable because we need to try to answer some people’s questions. I also think that I need to be a thinker, because I need to think how to present my work properly.

         In the morning it was going very well, because of my popular game, almost everybody wanted to play it. Our group’s exhibition booth was also very good; Daniel, Johnny, and I managed all the things that we needed to do at our booth.

         When it was the afternoon, our presentation was really awful, because we can’t even answer some of the grade 2 questions! We even needed to let our friends, and teachers help us to answer them! When we finally finished our presentation, almost all of the grade 2 went to our booth and played my game. In that presentation I was only a risk taker because I can’t be successful to be knowledgeable, because I can’t really answer some grade 2’s questions. Wow!

         I think it will be better if I tried to search and review about the questions that have been asked today. I think the best website for finding that information is the Newmont Website, because it contains almost all of the answers to the questions that they asked today. This is the best website for me to use. Or maybe, we can’t answer anything again tomorrow, and all the questions will be harder than today’s questions.

         Second Day: Today I am kind of stressed because of yesterday’s grade 2 questions. How come I can’t answer some of their questions? But, I have a good feeling that today will be a very good exhibition.

         First Grade 4 comes, I showed them our group’s booth, Daniel’s presentation about Newmont Mine Minerals Calculation, and then I showed them my game. My game was very popular, until some of them are fighting about who play could the game first. Our first session was finished.

         Then Grade 6 came to our exhibition, but without any boys because all the boys went to see the first session, so only girls saw our booth. As usual we introduced about our booth, our presentations about Newmont Mine Minerals Calculation, and of course my popular mining game. Then everybody from the presentation room came out, and that meant the second session would begin.

         When our teachers called us to go inside the presentation room, our group was very nervous because of the questions that they might ask. The first group goes first, and presented their work very well. Then it was our group’s turn. We were very nervous, and then when we finished our presentation, Mr. Rick asked us three questions. We can answer two of his questions, but then Mr. Rick asked us the last question and we didn’t know how to answer it. Mr. Hugo helped us to answer it. When our group finished our presentation, I showed them the game that I had made. When I picked someone to play this game, many grade 6 students were laughing because of the sound and the laser.

         After we had finished all our presentations, we had a chance to take a rest. But we didn’t even get one minute! Our parents came and wanted to see our booth. We showed our parents the picture of when we were in Sumbawa, some previews of our presentation, our central idea, our lines of inquiry, our group focus and everything else at our booth. When we were finished everything, we went to have lunch.

         After lunch, we show our presentation to the owner who made this school. Her name is Ibu Indah. I showed my game to her, and we also played a game called “Are you smarter then a grade 5 student?” Then guess what, we won against two adults and Ibu Indah had to say “I am not smarter then a grade 5 student”. We were happy because she bought us all JCo donuts as a reward.

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